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GEA Farm Technologies is now the exclusive distributor of products designed and manufactured by Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd.
GEA Farm Technologies is very pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Lauren AgriSystems, Ltd. to become the exclusive global distributor of the patented Tri-Circle® milking liners, premium DairyGrade™ silicone milk hose, and other supporting products Lauren designs, develops and manufactures, beginning September 1, 2014.
GEA Farm Technologies adds Eating Time Analysis to CowScout™
To increase monitoring capabilities, GEA Farm Technologies has added eating time to the CowScout™ activity monitoring system.
Industry-Leading Technologies Showcased on Innovation Dairy Tour
Michigan-based tour hosted by GEA Farm Technologies provides dairy producers from across the country an opportunity to network and discuss new technologies on-farm.
GEA Farm Technologies Officially Launches MIone Robotic Milking System to North American Market
The MIone multi-box robotic milking system from GEA Farm Technologies has been adapted to meet the demands of the North American dairy market and to meet the quality standards and guidelines set forth by industry regulatory agencies.
GEA Farm Technologies Has Acquired Milfos International Limited
NewsThe Milfos product portfolio enables GEA Farm Technologies to better meet the requirements of grazing markets around the world.
GEA Farm Technologies Becomes the Exclusive Distributor of the FutureCow™ Prep System
Effectively and reliably wash, disinfect, dry and stimulate teats prior to milking.