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Our Total Solutions Concept

Total System Solutions for Livestock Farming

GEA Farm Technologies offers integrated products and application solutions which today`s producers have defined as their greatest needs. From design and planning of their complete dairy facilities to business concepts including the daily herd and farm management are integrated in our Total System Solutions.

Our focus on product innovation and cutting edge technology allows today’s producers to realize greater efficiencies by including new trends and practices in their operation. Therefore, we enable our clients to realize a greater value through higher efficiency levels, which are geared to achieving optimal productivity in the daily routine.

Our combined key competences from milk production and harvest including handling and storage, manure systems for collection, storage and processing plus, barn equipment including technologies for feeding and housing, we provide a complete and up-to-date range of products and services supporting a successful bottom line on a sustainable basis. Our state-of-the-art service and hygiene concepts add to our competence and knowledge to provide total system solutions for livestock farming.

Total Solutions
For the customer Total Solutions means:
  • One partner providing and discussing solutions
  • Smooth integration of single applications through properly designed and operated facilities
  • ExpertCare animal and equipment hygiene solutions optimized for your dairy
  • Project management before and during installation

Total Solutions Farm Design

Total Solutions is our competence to always find the best solution for every livestock producer. The following three farm designs provide examples of how Total Solutions can assist in serving the customers’ needs in an economic, profitable and efficient way by considering all relevant workflows on a dairy farm. Profit from our long-term experience in the field of Farm Design!
AutoRotor Farm

AutoRotor Farm

Managing large dairy herd investments (1.000 cows)

MIone Farm

MIone Farm

Full-automation for professional family dairy farms (150 cows)

Side-by-Side Farm

Side-by-Side Farm

Farm design for professional dairy farms with conventional milking equipment and hired labor (250 cows)


General Farm Design Parameter:
  • Farm logistics (cow traffic, labor efficiencies, etc…)
  • General infrastructure including energy, water and herd management practices
  • Retrofit with existing facilities
  • Milking & cooling systems
  • Feeding management / storage
  • Manure management / storage / processing
  • Reproduction / young stock management
  • Fleet / vehicles
  • Level of automation
  • Hygiene for milk quality and herd health practices
  • Service and maintenance requirements