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GEA Farm Services

High milk quality due to individual and cost-efficient product solutions

First-class service, a perfect hygiene concept and spare parts and supplies! That´s characterized Farm Services from GEA Farm Technologies.

Our hygiene specialists analyze, test and give competent advice in customizing animal, equipment and farm hygiene. Thats how you produce top quality milk at low operational costs.

Our product range of liners and vacuum tubes completes the GEA Farm Technologies hygiene concept. Benefit from our products' reliability, durability and uncompromising quality!

A regular visit by a GEA Farm Technologies technical service specialist completes the whole package with thorough installation checks and supply of genuine spare parts. Our specialists will visit you on your farm.

With the GEA Farm Technologies Services high operational requirements will be a children´s play! Our service specialist is glad to advice you on your farm. That´s how to achieve top results and best milk quality at low operational costs.

Optimal hygiene standards are the key to success! The products from GEA Farm Technologies range from equipment-and facility hygiene to animal hygiene. Our hygiene concept provides best milk quality and meets standards of hygienic milk production.

Always perfect with spare parts from GEA Farm Technologies. We offer pipelines, vacuum systems and maintenance parts to strengthen the performance of your milking installation. Each coordinated component of installation ensures the quality and performance of your milk production in the long term.

The complete product range of GEA Farm Technologies supplies ensures high quality, durability and reliability! Our service team offers the customized supplies for your farm. Consult us and learn more.

Unique compounds and designs make our liners a great choice for a fast, gentle and complete milking. Our original milk and vacuum tubing are formulated to insure the highest industry standards. Both tubing are specially engineered to be light and flexible for ease milking and milking unit alignment.