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Barn Concepts

Well thought-out for harmonic operations

Enough food, fresh water and clean lying areas from the animal perspective, barn planning is easy! You as operator of a dairy farm probably put more value on a yield-and cost-effective production of high quality milk.  Whether you want to change your production processes completely or just partly: During the planning phase, GEA Farm Technologies always keeps the whole dairy farm in mind. Harmonic processes in the barn strengthen the welfare of the animals and smoothly functioning technology will support you in all steps of production. Optimal management in and around the housing helps you to save valuable working time.
Our Farm Design Service helps you during the whole planning process from needs review up to implementation. We have more than 20 years experience in Dairy Design, our know-how is based on more than 10,000 projects for cows, sheep, goats and buffalos. Just benefit from our experience!
When developing a new investment plan for you, we can answer to your questions:

What exactly are your goals? Short, medium and long-term
What about the operations in your dairy farm?
How can your operations be optimized?

During planning we pay attention to many factors:

  • Local building regulations
  • Subsoil
  • Avoid influence of other buildings
  • Arrange the stables to the main wind direction
  • Drainage
  • Area development
  • Position of the milking parlor to the barns
  • Slurry and feed management
  • Milk pick up, food delivery
  • Optimal matched milking system
  • Optimization of workflow
  • Milking comfort
  • Animal-friendly barn design
  • Animal comfort
  • Optimal animal traffic in the whole dairy
  • Integration of external buildings
  • etc.

GEA Farm Technologies is planning for you as it is best for your dairy farm. The following areas should be given particular consideration in the design of a cow-friendly barn concept:

  • Running and resting area
  • Feeding area(s)
  • Holding areas
  • Selection area
  • Calving area
  • Treatment area