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Low-Foam C.I.P. Acid Cleaner

Effect is a low foam acid for C.I.P. cleaning and rinsing.

Features & Benefits

  • Dual Purpose Product - Can be used for both acid rinsing and acid washing. 

  • Economical - Low cost per container and cost per use formulation. 

  • Phosphoric Acid Base - Neutralizes detergent residues to prolong the life of inflations and other rubber parts. 

  • Contains Sulfuric Acid - Powerful acid drives down the pH to prevent bacterial growth in between milkings. 

  • Added Power of Citric Acid - Organic acid improves sequestration ability. 

  • Non-Corrosive - Safe to use when properly mixed. 

  • Less Packaging - High dilution rates reduce product usage amount and plastic waste. 

  • Safe - Safe to use. Non-corrosive to stainless steel, glass or rubber parts when properly mixed at recommended dilution rate. 

  • Biodegradable - Dissipates freely and will not harm sanitary systems. 

More Information

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