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Milking Philosophy

The GEA Farm Technologies Milking Philosophy: To promote animal-friendly milking with a high level of operator comfort

With more than 80 years experience we  have continually further developed our milking philosophy.  Specialists and costumers around the world have helped us in doing this. The result of decades of research helped us to become one of the world market leaders. GEA Farm Technologies` milking philosophy aims to support  interaction between human, animal and machine: Animals are milked animal friendly and careful with our unique and variable low vacuum. Milking is fast, comfortable and effective. The focus is on highest human and animal comfort at the milking place with maximum profit in milk production.

We have developed our products corresponding to the GEA Farm Technologies milking philosophy and we will support you in all working steps of the whole milking process.

Modern system solutions include compatible components. A gentle, animal friendly milking and milking sequence will guarantee a high milk quality and highest milk yields. User friendly components easy to maintain will help you to achieve this goal.  With GEA Farm Technologies products you will rely on security and stability. Our system solutions are designed to match and to be interchangeable.

Preparation procedure

Everything must fit together - from the very beginning.

Effective udder stimulation

Enhance the willingness of the cow to be milked.


The milking vacuum is often set too high.


Never lose the beat!

Free Milk flow

For a fast but gentle milking the milk has to flow free.

Automatic cluster removal

Just in time and sensitive.

Teat dipping

For healthy udders and teats.