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Automatic cluster removal

Our milking control units do many different tasks for you: stimulation, pulsation, automatic stripping and cluster removal - intelligent technology for first class milking results and perfectly milked animals.  We plead for more animal health with gentle but complete milk out. You can control this perfect and as you like automatically with our milking control units which determine the best time for cluster removal. 

A time-controlled automatic cluster removal takes care of the udder and therewith animals health in case of any milking process. With the help of an electronically controlled motor DeMax 50T and DemaTron 50T automatically and gently remove the cluster when the milk flow stops.
Before the motor puts pressure on the cluster, the milking control unit shuts off the vacuum. That means that the cluster gently releases from the udder. Only now the motor starts up and registers exactly how strong his traction is. If it is to high the motor automatically reduces the traction and then carefully begins to increase it again.

This removal technique is extremely sensitive and animal-friendly. At the same time, removing the milking equipment with an electronic motor saves space in the barn. Over-milking and blind milking will be things of the past.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Gentle milking
  • Milk flow monitoring with accurate sensor technology
  • Fast, effective and operator-friendly
  • Clawpiece design for optimum milk flow
  • Low vacuum milking below 40 kPa
  • Optimal positioned clusters
  • Made out of best materials, robust components built to make a perfect system
  • Variable and flexible modular system
  • User-friendly components are designed to match and to be interchangeable