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Free Milk flow

For a fast but gentle milking the milk has to flow free. The optimal positioning of the cluster is a key component for successful milking. It should hang straight and free at the udder below the cow.

The cluster is the link between milking machine and animal. To hold the milking line vacuum steady at the teats the milk channels in the cluster have to avoid flow losses. Otherwise flow losses will cause vacuum fluctuations depending on the milk flow. Only with well positioned clusters and with compatible tube and line systems you will get a constant level of complete milking, a good milk flow without permanent milking and low leverage forces of the milk tubes to the teat cups. 

The comprehensive GEA Farm Technologies program will offer many single components with a modular design. So you can satisfy the animals` requirements as well as the milkers. With our products you prevent inclusions of air, adhesion problems, up-moving teat cups and harmful blind milking. Instead the milk will flow free and the udder will stay healthy.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Gentle milking
  • As sensitively as the milkers hand: special liner design
  • Clawpiece design for optimum milk flow
  • Low vacuum milking below 40 kPa
  • Milk flow monitoring with accurate sensor technology
  • Optimal positioned clusters
  • Fast, effective and operator-friendly
  • User-friendly components are designed to match and to be interchangeable