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If cows should be healthy and if they should produce enough high-quality milk, there are high demands on a modern milking installation. So it is very important to optimize the different pulsation parameters for a comfortable, quick and complete milking.

According to GEA Farm Technologies` milking philosophy our pulsators in combination with the electronic sensors and milk meters monitor and control the whole milking process. The pulsators take care for the stimulation and mobilize milking and performance willingness of the animals. 
Milking must start directly after stimulation to gain maximum effect from the hormone oxytocin, which is only effective for a few minutes.  Automatically pulsators gently switch to milking without any delay.

They always work accurate even in changing environmental conditions. Thanks to the perfectly controlled phases of stimulation and milking you will gain a higher milk yield, healthier udders and improved milk quality with more milk content.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Gentle milking
  • As sensitively as the milkers hand: special liner design
  • Clawpiece design for optimum milk flow
  • Low vacuum milking below 40 kPa
  • Milk flow monitoring with accurate sensor technology
  • Fast, effective and operator-friendly
  • User-friendly components are designed to match and to be interchangeable
  • Ergonomically designed, safe workspace
  • Top quality products
  • Made out of best materials, robust components built to make a perfect system
  • A variable and flexible modular building block system