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Rescounter II+ Activity Monitoring

More Accurate Reproduction Management With 2-Hour Activity Intervals

Proper heat detection leads to improved pregnancy rates and reproductive performance, along with greater long-term profitability. With DairyPlan C21 and the new Rescounter II+, GEA Farm Technologies has made a proven, trusted heat detection system even better.

US_RescounterFoot-178   US_RescounterNeck-178

Features & Benefits

  • More accurate heat detection - the Rescounter II+ records cow activity based on a more accurate 2-hour activity interval. This provides continuous data for more reliable, 24-hour heat detection capabilities.

  • Stand-alone or fully integrated options - provides activity monitoring solutions to meet any dairy operation's needs - inside or outside of the parlor.

  • Customized settings - alarm levels can be customized to the specific needs of individual dairies, whether your cows are on pasture or in freestalls. 

  • Low activity alarm - the system can automatically alert the herdsperson when a cow's individual activity drops below her normal levels. This quickly identifies potentional sick cows 12 -24 hours before typical visible signs are present.

  • New, longer life battery - improves performance.

  • Reproduction management advantages:
    - Improved pregnancy rates.
    - Lower insemination costs.
    - Shorter intervals between calving.
    - Reduced days in milk.
    - Lower cull rates.
    - Reduced drug and labor costs.

  • Available in a neck or leg version.

More Information

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