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Compass Plus

Take Control of Parlor Sanitation

Modular design and flexible programming allows the user to customize the wash cycles to closely fit the parlor requirements. The Compass Plus can be used on any size or configuration of milking parlor. Cleaning time can be reduced up to 50% when compared to traditional flow through circulation systems. This efficiency translates into a reduction in required energy and more time to milk cows.

Compass Plus Features

  • Modular design allows the Compass Plus to be matched with the right sized accessories for optimum operation.
  • Over 50 adjustable parameters to custom fit the program to the dairy.
  • Up to four cycle wash program
  • Automatic start system sanitize cycle available
  • Can be scheduled  to automatically alternate main wash chemicals
  • Two part chemicals can be custom blended to meet changing conditions and keep product fresher.
  • External hot water source allows the dairy to use the most economical form of water heating available for their location.
  • Optional temperature monitoring lets the user know if the parlor is washing properly.
  • Program is based on the Single Slug wash philosophy to assure that even large diameter pipelines are washed completely and efficiently.
  • Chemical Dosing Modules available;
    P600:  600 ml per minute with 2 or 3 peristaltic pumps
    P1200: 1250 ml per minute with 2 or 3 peristaltic pumps