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Parallel Parlors

Parallel parlor stalls from GEA Farm Technologies are engineered to meet your specific demands.  Whether, you are milking 24 or 4 hours per day, we have a system that will optimize cow comfort and operator safety while meeting your production and throughput goals.  

Magnum 90i

The unparalleled parallel stall, featuring individual indexing and individual cow release.

Magnum 90i VL

Get the fastest exit in the industry and elevate your operation to new heights with this vertical lift stall.

Global 90i

The economical parallel stall featuring individual indexing and individual release.

Global 90 VL

Economical group indexing parallel stall with vertical lift exit gate.

Challenger 90

The classic parallel stall that delivers high value at a competitive price.

Medallion® Series Cabinets

The Medallion series cabinet systems combine parlor automation with excellent equipment protection.