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Challenger 90

Delivering High Value at a Competitive Price

The Challenger 90 is a full-featured, value-oriented parallel stall that sets high standards of performance for new or existing dairies. It's the classic parallel stall that delivers high value at a competitive price.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent visibility, access, operator safety and greater cow comfort — no post to block view and sloping butt pans which conform to cow's shape and bring cows closer to operators.

  • Fast loading — wide entrance lanes, air-powered telescoping entrance gate and group indexing.

  • Heavy-duty construction, easy installation — 4" posts with 3" x 6" cross beams, minimal welding required, and minimum 7-ft. clearance fits into existing structures.

  • Fast exit — stalls open all at once for rapid group exit. 

  • Efficient production — 27” centers allows more cows in less space.

  • Optional cabinets — compatible with optional Medallion integrated detacher cabinets.

  • Wide selection of sizes — choose from double 4 to double 24 configurations.

  • Parlor planning assistance — in-house parlor design assistance available.

More Information

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