GEA Group GEA Farm Technologies

Business Units

GEA Farm Technologies focuses on product innovation and cutting edge technology trends adapting the change in livestock farming. Flexibility is very important: To be closer to our clients and in the market, to identify costumers needs and to provide product solutions total solution concepts which are sustainable and value creating for the benefits of our customers and farmers. Our new business units GEA Milking & Cooling, GEA Farm Services and GEA Farm Equipment represent our core competences.

GEA Milking & Cooling

State-of-the-art system solutions developed for maximum performance and best milk quality. Every day GEA Farm Technologies supports dairy businesses worldwide in the quest for the best milk quality from your system. From Cluster, cooling equipment up to computer controlled milking; all our components are built to optimize the milking process. For each farm we develop individual concepts.

GEA Farm Services

First-class service, a perfect hygiene concept, original spare parts and supplies! Our hygiene specialist analyze and test your animal, equipment- and farm hygiene. Thus, you will receive top advice in customized products. A regular visit by GEA Farm Technologies technical service specialists completes the whole package with thorough installation checks and supply of genuine spare parts. The offer is completed by liners and tubing.

GEA Farm Equipment

As one of the leading manufacturers of products and systems for manure management we are able to offer robust and high-quality products with well-designed technology around the world. With the markets best choice of scrapers, manure pumps and agitators we fulfill all requirements of dairy and pig producers. Furthermore we provide a wide range of barn equipment products starting with cow mats, cubicles up to table ridge systems.