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Jumbo Cable Drive

Jumbo Cable Drive2

The Jumbo drive unit uses a relatively cheap steel cable, as a result of which the maintenance costs on moving parts are low. Therefore, return on investment for larger barns with long passages is quick. The system has been designed to be used extensively.

It protects the steel cable from excessive strain, therefore the service life of the cable is extended considerably. Within the casing there is a drum, which unwinds the cable at one end and winds it up at the other end.

Your benefits at a glance:

Jumbo Cable Drive

  • The Jumbo can handle up op to 75 m of cable
  • Maximally 4 Superclean scrapers (slats) or 2 combi scrapers (solid floor)
  • Every installation is supplied with 2 corner wheels and spanner
  • Protection in case the cable breaks or if cable tension is too low
  • Casing of hot-dip galvanized materials.