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LuxSpray 50

There’s no better way to spray!


LuxSpray 50 is a premium quality teat disinfectant with first-rate skin conditioning properties.

Its superior disinfectant powers are excellent against a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria including yeasts and moulds LuxSpray 50 is easy to spray.

  • Ready-to-use and flexible.

    LuxSpray 50 is a ready-to-use dip on an iodophore basis.

    Can be used optionally for either spraying or dipping. 
  • First-class disinfection top protection against mastitis

    Iodine content of 5,000 ppm ensures maximum disinfectant powers against bacteria, yeasts and moulds.
  • Superb conditioning action.

    A 2-way conditioning complex with lanolin and glycerol enhances and maintains good teat skin condition.
  • Listed as biocidal and EN tested.

    LuxSpray 50 is listed according to the European Biocidal Product Directive and the EN test also confirms the disinfectant's safe action. Both give that extra security for producing top quality milk

EuroNorm 16 56