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CircoTop SFM

With tailwind to quality milk production


CircoTop cleans milking and milk cooling systems thoroughly. Even the most stubborn films and deposits from fats, proteins or minerals don't have a chance against the liquid cleaner: Alkaline (AFM) in the morning, acidic (SFM) in the evening, the system is freed from residues and is disinfected with the alternating bundled strength of the highly active substances from CircoTop. With CircoTop you have a free run for the production of premium quality milk!

Milk transporting parts deserve new recipes

It is for good reasons that CircoTop protects the milk transporting surfaces of your milking and milk cooling systems and especially the components made of silicone. Because a good cleaner also keeps the maintenance costs low. You are able to completely rely on the new recipe of GEA Farm Technologies here. Next to the special combination of the ingredients in CircoTop AFM and SFM guarantees the residue-free and reliable disinfecting cleaning as well as an extended service life of your system.


Your advantages at a glance:

  • You profit from a germ free, deposit resolving and reliable foam reduced cleaning

  • CircoTop AFM / SFM is the first choice for the cleaning of milk transporting surfaces.

  • Provides optimum and protective cleaning of silicone components

  • Disinfects your system reliably

  • Can be used in all milking and milk cooling systems as well as in fully automated milking installations

  • Suitable for all water conditions and hardness grades

  • Dosage recommendation: 40 ml / 10 l