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The perfect silicone liner

Advances in breeding demand non-stop development of silicone liners to cope with continually changing udder and teat geometry.

With its know-how from fifteen years of market leadership in silicone liners, GEA Farm Technologies now presents the perfect silicone liner ClassicPro with greatly enhanced materials and geometry.

Successful milking begins at

the mouthpiece.

Udders know no standards, which is why ClassicPro silicone liners have a unique, flexible mouthpiece to fit any udder. Even with a difficult teat position, the liner creates a reliable seal to the udder. There is no need to waste time adjusting the cluster.


The more flexible the lip, the better the teat performance.

A silicone liner needs to fit to the teat like a good shoe fits to the foot. ClassicPro's flexible lip fits gentle to any teat shape. Milking is more soothing for the animal because its teats are not pinched.

The ClassicPro range now has the right silicone liner for all teat sizes.


Lasts longer. Faster change.

To prevent the teat cup shell damaging the liners, conventional silicone liners use extra plastic rings, which again take time and effort to fit. ClassicPro has an integrated shock absorber that does this for you.


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