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CL Vacuum Package

Top value in dairy vacuum

Positive displacement blower style vacuum pumps have been gaining popularity for creating the vacuum used in milking systems. Two specially designed figure eight impellers, also called lobes, turn in opposite directions within a machined housing, transferring a constant volume of air from the inlet to the discharge with every rotation of the blower drive shaft. Unlike oil vane pumps there is no lubrication required within the cylinder as the rotating components are held in close tolerance to each other and do not make contact. All essential gear and bearing lubrication occurs externally to the cylinder assuring clean, oil free air.

The unique CL (Coated Lobe) pump has a special teflon coating adhered to the lobes. This coating increases the pump efficiency from 8 to 12% over a standard uncoated pump and can decrease  the exhaust temperature by 10 degrees C. The coating provides corrosion resistance and is easy to clean.
The CL Packages are available in capacities from 2050 LPM to 9600 LPM at 47 kPa.

Package benefits:

  • Coated lobe pump for lower operating costs  and lower maintenance costs.
  • Horizontal frame is powder coat painted for long life.
  • Solid construction with heavy duty bearings,  helical timing gears and solid shaft and lobe for long life.
  • Large silencer fo quieter operation.
  • Can be used with The VoD-EnergieSaver vacuum controller to further reduce the cost of  operation.

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