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Everything under control


GEA Farm Technologies is a leading provider in the field of vacuum technology. Control valves are designed to keep a constant vacuum, because they are perfectly matched to large installations. They are servo-controlled and react at a lightning speed. Large filter surfaces ensure that the control valves continue to operate reliably even after they have been in operation for many hours.

For vacuum pump capacity up to 12,600 litres per minute

Vacurex keeps a steady vacuum at all times and it reacts at a lightning speed within 5/100 seconds. It is perfectly matched to each installation and has optimum air flow characteristics. This saves vacuum power and energy cost. The control valve can be upgraded with a second vacuum level function. The valve switches to a higher vacuum during rinsing and ensures improved water turbulences for a more efficient wash cycle.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Low noise level
  • Constant milking vacuum
  • Responds in 5/100 of a second
  • Low energy consumption