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New CIP for IQ and Classic 300 cluster

CIP Cluster Holder

Cleaning milking clusters appears to be a simple task. However, keeping an eye on the cleaning process is not only important for financial reasons. Our tip for greater hygiene and flexibility in the milking parlour: The new CIP (Cleaning in place) from GEA Farm Technologies. Profit from an intelligent cleaning system.

Intelligent flushing

Benefit from pure operating comfort: Regardless of whether you own a Classic or an IQ cluster, or you milk with rubber liners or silicone liners. The new CIP from GEA Farm Technologies guarantees rapid and simple handling. The modular design enables something that
was not possible before. Makes your cluster loading simple and comfortable.

More flexible than ever

CIP_Cluster Holder

Teat profils change with time –
but your CIP remains flexible.
Rubber liner or silicone liner, that is the question.
The new CIP has the gratest flexibility. Because plates or cups can be replaced quickly and simple if and when you change the size or type of liner. However, your CIP remians
the same, regardless of
how the teat.

The advantages:

CIP_Cluster Holder
  • optimised folding mechanism, easiest handling
  • optimised milking cluster positioning via rinsing head, plate and cup
  • Longer service life for the rubber liners and silicone liners
  • perfect hygiene, reduced bacterial levels on the hod
    of the liners
  • optimised water guidance through patented two-chamber design, with optimized water consumption
  • individual flow control on each CIP
  • modular design enables use with all types of liners

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CIP Cluster Holder