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A winning team: Two milking parlors become one system

With the EuroClass 800 SwingOver milking parlour and the PosiSwing positioning arm GEA Farm Technologies has designed an ingenious duo for linking opposite milking stalls to one milking system. Together they can double the benefits for your business success giving you appreciable reductions in your investment costs and considerable savings in time and effort. The construction of the carrier system has been designed in order to affix the milk line to the desired individual level. The supply way of the milk is reduced to a minimum and a low vacuum can be realized.

Your benefit number 1: time savings

Significant savings in time are guaranteed since practically the entire workflow is automated! Whilst you're attaching the cluster to the last cow, the first cow has usually finished milking. The cluster is swung over to the opposite milking stall at the flick of a wrist, and pulsation and milking vacuum to the cluster are activated automatically through the rapid start function.

Your benefit number 2: Working comfort

The milking equipment is located in the centre of the operator pit, so that it can be used alternately between two opposite milking stalls. This reduces walking distances considerably. You have targeted access to both the terminal and the cluster, enabling good posture throughout milking. 


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Tried and tested EuroClass 800 milking parlor frame
  • Short distances for operator and animal
  • Ergonomic workstation, easy cleaning
  • Appreciable assistance due to operator convenience
  • Significant time savings and accordingly a higher throughput rate
  • Gentle udder milking and healthy animals due to low vacuum
  • Reduction of your investment costs

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