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AutoRotor Magnum 90/90-S

Slim technology for more space and comfort


Thanks to GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor is synonymous for all rotary parlors worldwide. As the market leader in this segment, our priority in designing the AutoRotor Magnum 90 is maximizing comfort for operators and animals as well as optimizing milking processes. You can always see whats going on as you have a good view of the milking stall as well as the flow of animals in the entry and exit area.

Short distances for human and animal increased throughput

The friendly, open design of the milking place and the rounded framework encourages cows to walk onto and leave the platform willingly and quickly. All operations are speedy and uninterrupted even with maximum throughputs. The latest technology is integrated in an ergonomic and attractively designed cabinet in the AutoRotor Magnum 90 from GEA Farm Technologies.

PosiControl: Experience the revolutionary milking unit control arm

The milking unit control arm supports the whole positioning and milking process. PosiControl moves the cluster into a position which is comfortable for the operator. This helps to save valuable time, to reduce physical exercise and prevent premature fatigue. During milking PosiControl positions with the help of a support strap the cluster correctly on the udder. After milking, PosiControl removes the cluster straight back from the udder quickly but gently. It will be stored in the clean area below the platform providing an unobstructed path for cows to enter and exit the parlor. 

Clever thought-out technology extremely easy to maintain

Powerful hydraulic motors and track rollers ensure soft start-up and silent operation. They are not only extremely reliable but they also have a long service life.

AutoRotor Magnum 90-S


The subway-system allows a quick access to the major components and a clean, dry and easily accessible working environment. The service life of all the important components is extended as a result. The subway-system is available for AutoRotor Magnum 90 rotary milking parlors with 50 to 80 stalls.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Ergonomic and attractively designed cabinet
  • Comfortable cluster attachment and optimal positioning of the milking unit
  • Best possible view of the milking area and a trouble-free milking
  • All cabling and tubes are hidden away underneath the platform, housed safely and cleanly
  • Open design of the platform and animal-friendly parameters: easy access to the platform
  • Open standing surfaces ensure easy cleaning and simple maintenance

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