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Rotary Milking Systems

More than ten years ago AutoRotor milking parlours have revolutionized dairy production all over the world. Today they are a synonym for more throughput, reliability and system optimization. The AutoRotor system ensures a quiet, hassle-free and smooth milking process. Uninterrupted cow flow results in an efficient working routine with minimum stress for both cow and operator.

We will further improve  AutoRotor systems  based on your needs and experiences.

AutoRotor PerFormer Plus

AutoRotor PerFormer Plus

Exceptional comfort meets highest performance


AutoRotor Magnum 40/40-F

Proven worldwide – our premium product

AutoRotor Magnum 90

AutoRotor Magnum 90/90-S

Slim technology for more space and comfort

AutoRotor Global 90

AutoRotor Global 90/70

Invest a few and earn a lot – Excellence for the price conscious

AutoRotor Capri

AutoRotor Capri 90

Milking goats "all inclusive" – the side-by-side rotary milking parlor


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