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AutoRotor Global

The Solution to Performance

The GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor Global offers new and innovative features to the proven AutoRotor concept.  With the AutoRotor Global, you can choose the options that best fit the needs of your dairy - and which will yield the maximum return on your investment. Milk more cows per man hour than with traditional parlors and enjoy the new, cleaner design, with no overhead lines or pipes, for optimal cow and operator comfort.

Features & Benefits

  • Sloped concrete platform – stronger, quieter and more durable than steel decks. It also provides better traction for cows.

  • Adjustable platform speeds and safety stop – operator can adjust rotation speed for different groups and can stop the platform in an emergency. 

  • Wide selection of sizes - GEA Farm Technologies AutoRotor Global is available in 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 50, 60, 72 and 80 stall models. 70° and 90° and angled versions are also available. 

  • Parlor planning – The GEA Farm Technologies Dairy Design team will work with you and your dealer to design a customized floor plan that will maximize the efficiency of your new milking center. 

  • Offering the widest selection of automation - you have the freedom to choose options such as manual or automatic detaching, milk yield indicators, or milk metering with our Metatron 21, the ultimate in cow side data collection.

  • New cleaner stall design - allows for greater cow visibility and easier clean up.

  • Optional all stainless steel upper deck - for the ultimate in durability and ease of cleaning.

  • Choice of a traditional hose portal or optional below the deck hose portal - below the deck hose porting allows the milking unit to be dropped below the deck while in the cow entry and exit zone.

  • Traditional CIP Jetter cups or optional fold down CIP - to fit the washing needs of any dairy.

  • An optional subway design - allows for a cleaner installation that protects your investment in equipment from the wet/harsh elements of the parlor. A subway also makes servicing the equipment much easier - many times without disruption of the milking routine.

  • Choice of two drive systems - the proven hydraulic drive system gets even better with improved orbital drive motors and more efficient design. The optional automatic air tention system creates increased pressure on the drive wheels during start up and reduces pressure during normal operation, greatly extending wheel life while providing quick, quiet, and smooth operation. An electric drive system is also offered as an option.

More Information

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