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Manure Spreaders & Tool Bars

Liquid manure spreaders needs to roll everywhere. Hydraulic suspension and power steering are adjusted to fit the rotational angle of the tractor and adapt to all types of terrain. These are only two examples from our range of features on our unique liquid manure tankers equipped with many more patented technology.

EL48 Directional

Maximum stability


Variable spreader height.


Extra stability to better resist torsion.


Stable and resist torsion.


Designed to evenly spread thick liquid manure containing long fibrous material.


For Liquid Manure without Fibrous Material.

Flex Drop Hoses

Enables even spreading under windy conditions.

S Tine Cultivators

To apply manure on growing corn fields when the plant needs nutrients the most.

Disc Cultivators

Recommended for fields having crop residue.

Disc Incorporators

Very efficient on harvested fields having a large quantity of crop residue (corn, beans etc.)

Sweep Injectors

Allows to apply manure with minimum odor.

Hydraulic Discs

Tool Bar for Liquid Manure without Fibrous Material.

Folding Ends Option

Open automatically

Manure Distributor

Patented design ensures a uniform flow at each outlet.