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Disc Incorporators



The Tool Bar with 22" Concave Disc Incorporators enables fast spreading while using less tractor power than conventional injectors. Very efficient on harvested fields having a large quantity of crop residues (corn, beans, etc...).

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Pressurized tool bar to maintain a constant load on discs to better follow the contour of the ground.
  • Incorporates manure with the very top layer of soil in order to reduce odor and get the maximum fertilizing value of manure.
  • Note: The tool bar with 22" concave disc incorporators is not compatible with spreaders EL48-4D-3200, EL48-4D-3600, EL48-6D-3600, EL48-6D-4000, EL48-6D-4350, EL48-6D-4800 and EL54-2800. 



22" disc mounted of leaf spring.