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Farm Management

Give yourself more time

Give yourself more time: Many aspects of daily herd management work can be automated reliably
with a complete herd management system like DairyPlan C21 or even in specific areas.
Following the modular building block principle it can be adapted to all dairy farm sizes and
requirements. Major components of the systems are out of parlour feeding, milking management
system, in parlour feeding systems, animal segregation, animal Identification, automatic
heat detection and many more.

WestfaliaSurge Herd Management Software

Herd management made easy – Complete and reliable data at a glance: From feed consumption and milk yield totals up to results for each individual animal, up-to-the-minute and all year round. You’ll always have reliable data to base your decisions on.

Milfos Herd Management Software

The product line Milfos from GEA Farm Technologies provides you with the building blocks to your future success, from Milking Performance to Advanced Herd Management.

WestfaliaSurge Milk Meters

By measuring milk yields precisely, you gain important information about the efficiency and health of every single animal, the herd and your work. Use the coordinated engineering of our modular system for your operational plan.


Whether inside or outside the milking parlour, feeding without gaps according to standards of modern nutritional physiology, GEA Farm Technologies offers intelligent software and reliable feeding systems integrated within the DairyManagementSystem 21.

WestfaliaSurge Drafting

Save valuable work time and automate the segregation of your animals. We offer a custom solution for any farm. According to your needs, various systems can be combined with one another.

Milfos Identification

The product line Milfos from GEA Farm Technologies offers two solutions for animal identification. A Radio Frequency Identifi cation (RFID) ear tag or the Infrared (IR) Collar.

WestfaliaSurge Activity

Electronic animal identification is the basis of herd management. Collect complete technical data about your operation automatically with an electronic animal identification system. Use their potential when it shows: With Rescounter, Act ID and the DairyPlan C21 you have a reliable method to know when cows and heifers are in heat.

Milfos Activity

Reliable detection of cows in heat (oestrus) is a key factor for successful breeding in herds using artifi cial insemination.

WestfaliaSurge Weigh Scales

Keep your animals condition under control. With continuous weight monitoring as well as automatic analysis, you have a basis for feeding strategies, information about feeding behavior and for the regulation of milk yields.

Milfos Weigh Scale

iNTELWEIGH is a new generation walk-over-weigher specifi cally designed for dairy cows.
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