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LuxSpray 28 OC

Sheep and goats’ best friend

Nowadays the significance of milk production from small ruminants is even more important than ever before. Its not a secret that goat and sheep milk is very healthy for you. This means that more care and expertise is needed when producing and processing the milk.

LuxSpray 28 OC - The dip for special customers has been especially adapted to meet the requirements of working with goats and sheep. It is easy to use and especially gentle when in contact with the teat skin. You will profit from the handy to use spray and you will also win back valuable time during the milking process.

All of the advantages at a glance:

  • LuxSpray 28 OC is also available in semi-automatic sprays and

    these can be used without any restrictions. 
  • LuxSpray 28 OC for improved udder health
  • Ready-to-use solution, can be used immediately
  • Good adhesion, economical use 
  • 2,800 ppm iodine that combats bacteria, yeast and mould
  • Therefore Lux Spray 28 OC ensures safe udder hygiene and profitable quality milk.