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AquaSilent vacuum pumps do not harm environment and ears

Even in the dairy farming conventional industrial pumps are not enough. Therefore GEA Farm Technologies has developed vacuum pumps with an optimized level of efficiency which means a greater air capacity while retaining the same connected load. They create a constant low vacuum for a gentle and economical milking. Take advantage of the benefits of the AquaSilent vacuum pumps from the first day on as they are silent, do not use oil and do not harm our environment and your nerves.

The water ring principle:
A bucket wheel impellor rotates in water around the motor shaft in the process the water is pressed outwards against the pump housing. The resulting cavities between the water and the impellor create a low air pressure which produces the vacuum required. The water serves as a sealant and coolant at the same time. A separator separates the water-air mixture and the fluid flows back into the feeder tank.

The AquaSilent vacuum pumps are built very compactly and they contain very few wear parts. AquaSilent vacuum pumps can be customized for any size of installation with air flow rates from 850 to 2400 litres per minute.

Built-in safety:

Tried and fast reactions: The Vacurex or Commander vacuum regulators ensure that the vacuum level remains constant even if the loadings change. They are servo-controlled and react at lightning speed within 5/100 of a second. Large filter surfaces ensure that the control valves and filters continue to operate reliably even after they have been in operation for many hours.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Optimized level of efficiency
  • Oil-free operation
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Silent
  • Compact
  • Few wear parts

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