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VoD - EnergySaver

A simple way to save 80% of energy!

Be smart and lower your daily operating costs! Help yourself and your environment: Just react like the new VoD EnergySaver to changing vacuum demand and achieve 80% energy savings.

With the new VoD EnergySaver you only generate as much vacuum as you actually need. Brilliantly simple, it does this with a frequency controller fitted to the vacuum pump motor. It samples the vacuum level and regulates the speed of your vacuum pump, thus saving energy. You only pay for the vacuum that you actually need for milking.

Due to the smart controller in the VoD EnergySaver, the amount of vacuum produced is exactly the amount needed to regulate the vacuum level perfectly. And all of this with the pleasing side effect of less noise.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Produces stable vacuum for better udder health
  • Decreases vacuum pump noise
  • Saves energy and protects the environment

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